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BARRIER surgical gowns made of spunlace:

Material platforms: Spunlace
Spunlace is a soft textile-like material made from pulp/polyester nonwoven fibers. It is produced with more than 50% bio-based material.

• The spunlace fabric is a tissue layer on the outside of the gown, which provides increased comfort.
• Polyester fibres on the inside of the gown provide strength. The fibres are embedded into the tissue with water jets.

Because the tissue is naturally absorbent, the fabric is always treated with fluorochemical to make it blood repellent.

BARRIER® surgical gowns made of spunlace:

  • Classic - Extra comfort, suitable for most procedures
  • Classic Urology - Extra comfort, impermeable to fluid
surgical gowns material layers
Material platforms: Laminate

Laminates consist of different layers of material with different properties. Two different laminates are used for the FFP and the VPP gown.

Structure FPP:

  • The FPP laminate consists of a microporous polyethelene film on the outside of the gown and a nonwoven material on the inside of the gown. The microporous film make the gown breathable, and the nonwoven layer provides comfort for the wearer.

Structure VPP:

  • The VPP laminate consists of 3 layers that together make the material resistant to virus. The inside and outside of the gown is made from nonwoven material. The middle layer is a microporous polyethylene film that allows air and moisture to move from the body to the outside of the gown.

FPP gown

Impermeable to fluids over the entire surface area

VPP gown

High-performance virus-proof gown



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